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August 2005

  Butterflies                    Flowers

Guanacaste             Birds       beaches

In this first revision to my website I’ve added a lot of pictures and moved some things around.

Your comments are always welcome.


In the Spanish language, a nicoyano is someone or something pertaining to or from ‘Nicoya’.  Nicoya is a place.

The ‘Peninsula de Nicoya’ (Nicoya Peninsula) is the peninsula comprising the pacific northwest part of Costa Rica.  There is also the ‘Ciudad de Nicoya’ (town of Nicoya) located in the center of the peninsula.

I have been enamored with the Nicoya Peninsula for the better part of thirty-four years.  More importantly, it is where I now live. 

So you see, I am a nicoyano.

I have changed most of my pictures to thumbnails.
You may click most any thumbnail in order to get a larger picture though not full-sized.
If you are interested in a picture in its original size, please let me know.